Alice Gould
Alice studied her undergraduate degree in Law with European Law at the University of Nottingham in the UK with her Eramus in Lund University in Sweden. Since graduating in 2016 she has worked in a death penalty clinic in the US, an educational human rights NGO in Georgia and as an English teacher in China. Her interests include LGBTI and gender rights.

Ashley Reynolds
Deputy Editor
Ashley primarily focuses on human rights in politics and international relations. She takes special interest in human rights within the United States. Ashley holds bachelor’s degrees in Global Studies and English Professional Writing. She previously worked with the US Department of State, American University, and US News and World Report. She also contributed to the OHCHR report on potential human rights impacts of the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Cassandra Bockstael
Deputy Editor and Writer
After obtaining her bachelor in law at the Catholic University of Louvain, Cassandra graduated in 2018 from the University of Antwerp (LLM). She mostly resided in Antwerp but also travelled to Sydney and Geneva to obtain her major in Human Rights and Sustainable Development. She is mostly interested in issues related to children and armed conflict, terrorism and transitional justice.

Bronagh Kieran
Bronagh studied Law with Philosophy at University College Dublin where she was active in the university philosophy society. Since graduating in 2017, she has completed a legal internship and a traineeship in the Council of Europe’s liaison office to the EU. In this time, she also performed as a part of Nolla Theater Collective. Bronagh’s interests include the rule of law, jurisprudence, and environmental protection.

Cristiana Marques
Cristiana studied law at the University of Coimbra in Portugal, with an internship in a law firm in Italy and a year abroad in Università di Giurisprudenza di Siena, in Italy, where she became interested in human rights. During her studies she collaborated on work for UNESCO and volunteered with an international organisation for refugees. Her biggest interests relate  to refugees, minorities issues, trafficking and political organisation.

Emilien Miner
As part of his studies in international relations, specialising in the MENA region, Emilien spent three months in Amman, Jordan at the International Organization for Migration. He then moved to Tunisia to study the role of Tunisian civil society in the country’s democratic transition. His research led him to the “Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network” where he had the opportunity to work for two years.

Federica Russo
Federica graduated in Law with full marks at Federico II University of Naples in Italy. She wrote her final thesis about the relationship between States and Human Rights. Federica has considerable experiences volunteering with various NGOs and associations and she currently also writes human rights articles for Alternativa Europea. She has a particular interest in the rights of migrants and LGBTI persons.

Lauryane Leneveu
Lauryane studied her undergraduate degree in Law with European Law at the University of Orléans in France with a year abroad in De Montfort University in the UK. She then undertook a Master in International Human Rights Law at the Catholic University of Lille in France, and worked several months for the Council of Europe. Freedom of Expression, Children’s Rights and interdisciplinary studies of Human Rights are her areas of interest.

Liesbet Debecker
Liesbet did a bilingual bachelor in law at the Brussels campus of the Catholic University of Leuven. After that, she obtained her masters in law at the Catholic University of Leuven, spending one year of her master’s on exchange at the University of Vienna. Her specialisations were criminal law, international and European law, but she wrote her thesis in human rights law. Her main interest is gender issues in law.

Milena Österreicher
In the last three years Milena has worked as a freelance journalist, a German teacher for refugees and in a human rights NGO in Austria. In 2016, she co-translated the Argentinian book “Desaparecido” (M.Villani/F.Reati) to German. Milena studied her undergraduate degrees in Transcultural Communication and Journalism and Communication Studies at the University of Vienna in Austria with a year abroad in Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid, Spain. She is particularly interested in migration issues and freedom of the press.

Myriam Erquicia Leon
Myriam studied International Relations at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with a year abroad at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. She was an intern for UNRWA Spanish Committee and for the S&D in the European Parliament in Brussels. She then worked at PICUM, a Brussels based NGO which aims to promote the rights of undocumented migrants.

Tarek Bashour
Tarek gained his bachelor of laws in the Damascus University in Syria. He spent several years practising as a lawyer in Syria and then a year in practice in Lebanon. He later gained a master of law specialising in immigration law in Mainz University in Germany. He has a special interest in immigration issues and the human rights situations of developing countries.