Uncovered: the Complicated Relationship between Sport and Hijab

By Cassandra Bockstael Sport is consistently based in discrimination. Often competitions are single gender exclusive, categories are created depending on weight, age, (dis)ability or nationality. This organisation of the sport system is based on what would, in any other context, amount to illegal discrimination. Yet almost all major sporting competitions are structured around those rules. Consequently, this raises the question of when and to what extent are those conditions allowed?

Why Formula One Drives Me Crazy

By Cassandra Bockstael F1 racing has fascinated and gathered families and friends over the past 70 years. The fastest cars, the best drivers in the world, the strategies, rivalries and passion all combine for more than two hours of intense competition. As far back as I can recall, I remember sitting with my parents in front of the TV on Sundays to watch the race. I remember the amazing cars speeding as fast as they could around the track and the incredible battles between drivers and teams to finish first. The sport inspired me as it promoted determination and cooperation to reach the top.