The European Masters in Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA) brings together students from all around the world. We have lived in multiple countries and continents, taken part in global campaigns and protested injustices both abroad and at home. We have worked as lawyers, journalists, public defenders, researchers and activists. We participate in national, regional and international politics, NGOs, international organisations… The list goes on.

Despite our different backgrounds, cultures and languages, we are all drawn to the same path: protecting and promoting human rights.

This blog is a platform for us to contribute to the general human rights discourse by writing about the issues we care about, which cover a very broad range given our diverse backgrounds. Our aim is to call people’s attention to current human rights issues and provide an interdisciplinary perspective drawing from concepts found within law, social sciences, international relations, philosophy and politics.

Each blog will be written first in English and then in the writer’s native tongue, another language they know or French.

We want the blog to reflect the interdisciplinary and diverse approach of our program. We have many voices, but one vocation.