Kosovo 2019: The Youth Perspective (Video)

By Audrey Coral, Juanjo Guzmán, Kobby Gomez-Mensah and Meredith Veit

Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe, and the country itself has a lot of growing to do. According to the 2018 USAID and UNDP Public Pulse report, 48% of youth (aged 18-25) are pessimistic about Kosovo’s future. Many young people consider the lack of job opportunities to be their main challenge, with poverty, nepotism and corruption further casting shadows on a scene already set against a grey backdrop. A large percentage of young Kosovar Albanians, Kosovar Serbs, Kosovar Gorani, Kosovar Roma and Kosovar Bosnians say that they consider leaving the country within the coming three years, so for many issues consensus supersedes ethnic identity.

This documentary show cases the diversity of the youth perspective, with young Kosovars sharing their thoughts on national (ethnic) identity, heavy challenges and aspirations for the future. Beyond the veneer of everyday calmness lies deeper cracks of ethnic tensions. The lack of opportunities, due to the absence of sustainable long term development agenda, is putting young people in a position they refuse to accept.

Audrey, Juanjo, Kobby and Meredith are EMA students who created this documentary during a field trip to Kosovo undertaken as part of their Master’s in Human Rights and Democratisation.