Archives December 2018

Populism Emerging in Belgium? How the Recent Turmoil Reshaped the Political Landscape

By Liesbet Debecker When, on Saturday evening, the so-called ‘Swedish coalition’ that formed the Belgian government finally crumbled, no one who has followed Belgian politics over the past few weeks was surprised. What exactly happened in this chronicle of a death foretold? What led the Belgian government to collapse over a non-binding international treaty?

Have you met Ghazal? Syrian Refugees aren’t just in Europe

By Tarek Bashour Ghazal is her name; she was nearly six years old when she was rescued from drowning in front of the camp of displaced people where she and her mother share a tent with six others. Ghazal’s father fell during the war whilst fighting against the regime. She was told that her father was swimming in the sea with the nice colourful fish, and so she ran to the water in front of her camp and searched for him until the air left her lungs. Now she is 12 years old and she knows that he is dead. She hates the regime for killing her father but does not realise how many fathers he killed on the other side.